About Us

Sullivan & Associates LLC combines public safety knowledge and functional experience with training and technology skills that help our clients meet operational demands and reach levels of personal and corporate preparedness in a number of ways.

With over 100 associates, we are available for global assignment and service in order to address our clients’ concerns and training in threat assessment, emergency planning, mitigation planning, and overall crisis management. We examine issues from a cost containment and business continuity vantage point, while providing superior customized training for our clients to meet the demands brought about during periods of potential crisis. Whether you are a public agency, a small business...

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Due to the nature of our services, we prefer to respect the confidentiality of our clients and therefore don’t use them in advertising our name. We understand the need for verifying our expertise; therefore we will be happy to put you in touch with private or governmental references that are familiar with our work so long as it does not breach the confidentiality of our client.

A Mission with Values

Our mission is to develop and maintain quality, valued relationships among our clients, associates, and profe- ssional colleagues based on ethical practice, profe- ssional expertise, and state-of-the-art deliverables in an area of operational significance for our clients. Our values integrate attention to detail, a dedication to excellence, and uncompromised integrity that ultimately reflect the highest ethical standards of the professions
we serve.

Our Services

  • Critical Facility Vulnerability and Capability Assessment
  • Workplace Security & Violence Prevention
  • Executive Security & Protection
  • Emergency Management Survey & Plan Development
  • Occupational Safety Assessments & Solutions
  • Crisis Communications Assessments & Solutions
  • Key Executive & Family Safety Training
  • Disparate Treatment Investigations
  • Crimes Against Children Prevention Programs for Employers
  • Standard Operating Procedures Review, Analysis, & Enhancement
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Expert Witness Services

Professional Affiliations

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